University of Washington Community Survey: Understanding the Initial Impact of Seattle’s PayUp Ordinance

Researchers with UW’s Information School and the Harry Bridges Center for Labor Studies are studying the response to the PayUp Ordinance. 

PayUp and where we’re at now:

In 2022, the City Council passed the App-Based Worker Minimum Payment Ordinance (also called the “PayUp” Ordinance) requiring the following:

  • Minimum payment for time worker and miles traveled for each service
    • Minimum-per-minute amount of $0.44 and minimum per-mile amount of $0.74
    • Minimum per-offer amount of $5
  • Transparency: upfront disclosures of offer information and payment
  • Flexibility: Right to access app-based platform without limitations (excluding health and safety), no penalties for limiting availability or refusing orders, and the right to cancel an order with cause.  

These changes went into effect on January 13th, 2024. App-based corporations have used this as an opportunity to price-gouge customers both in and out of Seattle with outrageous retaliatory fees, and is lobbying the city council to repeal the law. 

The University of Washington is asking app-based workers, consumers, and business owners and operators to take our survey: