We are workers, united across different industries to improve our working conditions and our lives. We are coming together as a multiracial community of working people, including immigrants, women, people with disabilities, and LGBTQ+ workers. 


We build power through education, organizing, and enforcement. We work to raise and uphold standards in the workplace. And we fight for economic and racial justice in our communities. Here’s how: 


We learn together about our rights as workers, and we develop the tools to exercise our rights and make them  real.


We organize, speak out, and take action to win changes in our workplaces and our lives. Together, we transform industry practices, change laws, and shift norms around the value of work.


We hold employers accountable to workplace laws and standards through legal services, and we use the law creatively to help build our movement.


We see a future where all jobs are good jobs, and where all workers are respected and thrive in our workplaces and our communities.  


  • All workers deserve respect.
  • Organizing together is how we build our power. 
  • Our economy thrives when workers thrive because workers are the driving force behind our economy – not the stock market or investors or technology.
  • As workers, we are the experts in our own lives, and we should be leading the work to identify and solve the issues we face.  
  • Every worker deserves to know our rights at work and have the ability to exercise those rights; and no worker should be retaliated against for standing up for our rights at work. 
  • We must fight for racial justice and economic justice. We cannot have one without the other. 
  • Our political and economic systems must be transformed to center the needs of working-class and poor people.



Danielle Alvarado, Executive Director

Jeremiah Miller, Legal Director

Mohamed Ahmed, Community Engagement & Basebuilding Educator

Zhi Chen, Operations Coordinator

Janae Choquette, Staff Attorney

Edy Dominguez, Community Engagement & Basebuilding Educator

Colleen Fontana, Senior Community Engagement & Basebuilding Educator

Emily Grove, Staff Attorney

Angelina Lara, Community Engagement & Basebuilding Educator

Lexi Peterson-Burge, Development Director

Vega Pratt, Program Data Admin

Roca, Community Engagement & Basebuilding Educator

Kellan Rockett, Communications Specialist

Alexis Rufi, Paralegal

Hannah Sabio-Howell, Communications Director





Charlotte Noss

Rebecca Saldaña

Nina Jenkins

Erika Valencia

Becki Smith

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