We are still updating our Know Your Rights materials for 2023, check back soon for updated materials. 


See 2022 materials below and know that the biggest changes are the increased minimum wage and overtime threshold. 

You can also learn more about your rights at work right now by clicking on any of the topics below. // También puede aprender ahora de los varios derechos laborales que usted tiene. Haga clic en cualquiera tema abajo para leer más sobre tus derechos.

2022 Your Rights in Washington State // Tus Derechos en el estado de Washington

Your Rights in Seattle // Tus Derechos en Seattle

Questions about your rights during the COVID crisis? Visit our resource guide.

logo of City of Seattle office of labor standardsFair Work Center  is proud to partner with the Seattle Office of Labor Standards (OLS) to provide outreach and education about Seattle’s labor standards. If you would like to learn more about OLS please contact OLS at 206-256-5297 or visit the OLS website at https://www.seattle.gov/laborstandards.