Seattle App-Based Worker Minimum Payment Ordinance In Effect

Subminimum wages for Seattle’s gig workers are OVER.

As of January 13, 2024, the PayUp App-Based Worker Minimum Payment Ordinance finally goes into effect – the law that thousands of gig workers fought for that guarantees a minimum pay floor and better flexibility and transparency standards. 

Fed up workers spoke up, fought back, and won these rights.

Now, we need to educate other workers about our new rights and band together to ensure we can enforce our rights. Here are some FAQs about the new law that gig workers need to know.


Want to learn more about the law and make sure it’s working for you? Below are some great ways to learn about the new law and to make sure it has teeth:

  • Read the details of the law at the Office of Labor Standards.
  • Come to our PayUp Ordinance Know Your Rights meeting on February 15 to get your questions answered and meet the workers who won the #PayUp campaign. We’ll dive into the details of the law and you’ll also have the chance to talk one-on-one with our legal team about your pay.
  • Reach out to our team anytime at

What can you do to keep up the momentum?

  • TAKE. SCREENSHOTS. We have reason to believe the apps won’t follow the law. They’ve tried to weasel out of paying workers’ hazard pay and Paid Sick & Safe Time before. The key to finding out if they’re breaking this law too? If you are a worker or a customer on apps like GrubHub, Instacart, and Amazon Flex, take lots of screenshots. The best way to hold the apps accountable is to keep careful records of what they do or don’t tell you – and then bring that to us at a meeting if you want help finding out whether we’ve got a case on our hands.
  • Contribute to our work so we have the resources we need to reach out to more workers, and go to bat for our rights.