Seattle gig worker hazard pay and sick days are still in effect

You may have heard that a bill to repeal hazard pay for grocery workers was passed in Seattle. Grocery worker hazard pay will end 30 days after the Mayor signs the bill.

But gig workers in Seattle should know this: laws that ensure you receive $2.50/job hazard pay and have access to paid sick days are still in effect through the pandemic emergency. 

If you’re a gig worker in Seattle, you still have these rights:

  • Hazard pay: If you do gig food delivery work, you are entitled to $2.50 in hazard pay for each restaurant or grocery delivery you make inside the Seattle city limits. Hazard pay must be listed separately on your pay report, and paid out on top of what you would otherwise be paid.

  • Sick leave: If you do gig delivery work or drive for Uber/Lyft, you have the right to take paid sick days. You accrue paid sick days going forward at a rate of 1 day for every 30 days you work. When you take a paid sick day, you’ll get paid based on your average daily compensation, including tips.