337,100 people got a raise on Tuesday!

This week, an estimated 337,100 workers in Washington got a raise thanks to Initiative 1433, which raised the minimum wage across the state to $12.00/hour on January 1. This year’s raise represents more than $250 million in annual wages for the people who need it the most – and who are more likely to put it back into their local economies.

Some cities in Washington have even higher minimum wages. Here are the local minimum wages for 2019:

Washington: $12:00/hour
Seattle, big companies & chains (501 or more employees worldwide): $16.00/hour
Seattle, smaller companies & chains (500 or less employees worldwide)…
…Where workers earn $3/hour in tips and/or health benefits: $12.00/hour
…Where workers earn less than $3/hour in tips and/or health benefits: $15.00/hour
SeaTac (for hospitality and airport workers): $16.09/hour
Tacoma: $12.35/hour

Wondering what you’re owed? Check out whatsmywage.org, a tool from from our sibling org, Working Washington, that walks you through a quick form to figure out your minimum wage.

According to the Economic Policy Institute, Washington was one of 19 states raising the minimum wages on January 1, meaning wage increases for more than 5 million Americans.

Thanks to all the workers in Washington and across the country who fought for and won these raises to the minimum wage!

For more information on the minimum wage or your other rights on the job, check out www.fairworkcenter.org.