We are currently hiring an Operations Manager for Fair Work Center and Working Washington.

Fair Work Center and Working Washington are coming together to build a powerful, sustainable and scalable worker organization to advance worker and economic justice in Washington and beyond. The alignment of these two organizations will bring workers’ rights education, organizing and a legal clinic together in commitment to a shared mission. Worker centers around the country are playing increasingly vital roles in building and sustaining power for low-wage, unrepresented workers. This alignment is our opportunity here in Washington to address the needs of workers in a stronger, more sustainable way than either organization can on its own.

About the Fair Work Center and Working Washington

The Fair Work Center empowers workers to achieve fair employment. We are a hub for workers to understand and exercise their legal rights, improve working conditions, and connect with community resources.

Working Washington’s mission is to build a powerful workers movement that can dramatically improve wages and working conditions, and change the local and national conversation about wealth, inequality, and the value of work.

The Operations Manager will work under a single Executive Director to handle finances, operations and HR systems for both Working Washington and Fair Work Center.


Learn more about the position and how to apply, please visit:
Operations Manager of Fair Work Center and Working Washington