Do you work at SEA Airport? Join us for a *FREE* training series to learn about your rights under SeaTac’s Proposition 1, which covers workers in the City of SeaTac, including at SEA Airport.

There is no charge to participate. Trainings will be offered in multiple languages and different times of day. Please contact us with any questions so we can make this accessible for you!

Upcoming Trainings

Sessions are typically one hour long and are offered at multiple different times. Choose the one that works best for your schedule:

Episode 2: Minimum Wage, Tips & Wage Theft

This interactive training session will go into detail about the minimum wage in SeaTac, including at the SEA Airport. We will talk about the ways that Proposition 1 & Washington state law protects workers in accessing tips, what you need to know about rest and meal breaks, and how to protect yourself from wage theft. 

Somali: Kulankaan tababarka kaqeybgalka wuxuu si faahfaahsan ugahadlayaa mushaharka ugu yar ee SeaTac. Tan waxaa ka mid ah shaqaalaha ka shaqeeya SEA Airport. Waxaan ka hadli doonaa siyaabaha uu Proposition 1 uga ilaaliyo shaqaalaha helitaanka talooyinka. Waxaan ka hadli doonaa waxaad u baahan tahay inaad ka ogaato 10 daqiiqo nasasho iyo nasashooyinka cuntada. Waxaan sidoo kale dabooli doonaa sida aad isaga ilaalin laheyd xatooyada mushaarka.

— Tuesday, September 22 from 1-2pm (Somali)   REGISTER

—Thursday, September 24 from 6-7pm (Somali)   REGISTER


This is an online training on the Zoom platform. Once you register for the day and time that works best for you, we’ll send you more details about the training and how to join the Zoom video conference call. 



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