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La historia de Efrain: “Fue una falta de respeto”

Efraín trabajaba como cocinero en un bar deportivo en Seattle. Tuvo que trabajar horas extras, no pudo tomar descansos, y lo pagaron por 40 horas cada semana—sin importar cuántas horas adicionales él trabajara. Y cuando intentó a tomar tiempo pagado de enfermedad, su patrón lo despidió.  Nos contactó y lo representamos en su caso contra […]

Efraín’s story: “It felt like a total lack of respect”

  Efraín worked as a cook for a sports bar and grill in Seattle. He was regularly required to work overtime hours, didn’t get any breaks, and was only paid for a flat 40 hours each week—no matter how many additional hours he actually worked. And when he tried to take a paid sick day, […]

Los trabajadores de agricultura en WA ahora deben recibir un pago extra cuando trabajan horas extras

Haga clic aquí para leer esta noticia en inglés. Miles de trabajadores de agricultura en WA ahora deben recibir un pago extra cuando trabajan horas extras. Durante la sesión legislativa en 2021, los trabajadores agrícolas ganaron una nueva ley que puso fin a la exclusión racista de trabajadores agrícolas desde esta protección laboral básica. En […]

Seattle gig worker hazard pay and sick days are still in effect

You may have heard that a bill to repeal hazard pay for grocery workers was passed in Seattle. Grocery worker hazard pay will end 30 days after the Mayor signs the bill. But gig workers in Seattle should know this: laws that ensure you receive $2.50/job hazard pay and have access to paid sick days […]

Dozens of Seattle construction workers are seeing workplace-wide accountability for workplace-wide violations of their rights

  We know that when there’s one labor rights violation in a workplace, there’s often more. And that’s exactly what the Seattle Office of Labor Standards found in a recent investigation into two Seattle-area construction companies. After several immigrant construction workers brought concerns about their rights to CASA Latina — a trusted organization in the Latinx […]

Fair Work News — May 2021

a restaurant where workers’ rights weren’t on the menu A Spanish-speaking immigrant restaurant worker in Seattle recently contacted our legal clinic looking for help enforcing his rights on the job. He was regularly required to work overtime hours, but his employer only paid him for 40 hours each week, no matter how many hours he […]